In 2008, French performer Yelena Mitseva and Polish independent musician and photographer, Mirrorman teamed up to form unique project based on Yelena’s intimate and personal diaries. Mirrorman recorded all instrumentals in his private studio while vocal seesions took place in ambient areas of Nadarzyce, Borne Sulinowo (2009) and Rakowo (2012). This is how Naphtaline Diary was born. Recorded live in silent, abandoned lands of Northern Poland it soon became more than just a record – a real confession, full of questions, fear and melancholy. What you are about to experience is derriving from the deepest corners of human heart and soul. It comes to you ‘as is’ so you can be sure we did not modify a single emotion, note or word during the recording process. Speaking the truth may sound controversial sometimes and we are fully aware of it.                                                                                                                                                               

Therefore please, remember: if you find something disturbing in this is because you’re entering the real world..

But don’t worry, we left the escape door wide open.